Urgent Care Vaccinations in Tampa

Vaccinations are a safe and efficient way to prevent a disease from occurring in the first place. A vaccine contains dead or weakened organisms that work by producing an immune system response.

The United States recommends getting yourself vaccinated, especially if you’re traveling out of the country. Besides that, tetanus vaccine and flu shots are necessary for children.

If you or your child needs a vaccine, it’s vital not to waste time. Instead of waiting for an appointment, you can avail yourself of urgent care vaccine at Express Care of Tampa Bay.

Our lab is fully equipped with the latest equipment and vigilant staff, saving you time to visit any other facility out of town.

Why Get Vaccinated?

Certain diseases are preventable. And vaccines play a major role in building your immunity against those diseases without getting sick.

Vaccines are especially essential for children whose immune systems are still building up. Although some diseases don’t possess much threat due to the wide preventive measures, their existence is inevitable.

In turn, they can harm vulnerable adults, children, or the immunocompromised. In some cases, a disease gets eliminated from a country but remains prevalent in another country.

If you’re traveling to the country where that disease is present, you can become a carrier, causing it to spread to fellow countrymen upon your return. That’s why the state makes it compulsory to vaccinate yourself before traveling.

CVS Flu Shot

CVS flu shot or influenza vaccine protects against the Influenza virus. It’s significant for children to get these flu shots as it’s a common virus that can spread in schools.

If you’re looking to get your child vaccinated, we have you covered. With us by your side, you don’t have to wait for an appointment with your primary healthcare provider. Instead, you can get urgent care flu shot by walking into our healthcare facility.

Express Care of Tampa Bay operates in two locations: Apollo Beach and Seffner. So, if you’re a resident, you can access our urgent care vaccine clinic within a few miles away. No need for a prior appointment or waiting for long hours.

Our urgent care center is open seven days a week between 9 am to 9 pm. This way, you can get yourself or your child vaccinated after school and office easily.

Get Your Tetanus Vaccine Today

Tetanus is a bacterial infection. When infected with this infection, it affects the nervous system, causing severe muscle stiffness by producing toxins.

Usually, tetanus spores are found in soil, dirt, and dust, with the most common transmission mode through cuts, scratches, and wounds.

The tetanus vaccine is commonly given in early childhood. But since its effectiveness decreases with time, adults must get a booster dose after every ten years.

If you’ve recently received a cut or wound, getting an urgent care tetanus shot is even more important. Our conveniently located urgent care vaccine clinic makes it easier for you to receive a tetanus vaccine within close proximity to your residence.

When it’s about your health, we don’t stay back. That means giving you quality healthcare that’s accessible at a time that suits you.

Walk-in Vaccination Center in Tampa

Express Care of Tampa Bay is all about providing the best urgent care services to Tampa Bay residents. That’s why we’ve extended our working days to seven days a week – except for holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

We’re operational in Apollo Beach and Seffner with the same working hours to fulfill your vaccination needs.

If you’re looking for a traveler’s vaccine, urgent care flu shot, or tetanus vaccine, our walk-in vaccination center is open to assist you. You can visit us between 9 am to 9 pm to receive superior-quality vaccination without delay.

For more information about the vaccinations that we offer, call us today or walk into our urgent care facility.

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