Urgent Care Services

Express Care of Tampa Bay is a walk in medical urgent care center, providing excellent medical services and emergency care to all ages. We are equipped with latest machines and highly educated & experienced staff. We are here as an alternative to hospital emergency room (ER) for non-life threatening conditions.

Urgent Care provides treatment for a wide range of injuries and illnesses as well as other healthcare services for adults and children both. If you have a non-life threatening illness or injury and you cannot get an immediate appointment with your doctor, or you don’t have a primary care doctor, or perhaps, you are visiting from out-of-town. Our staff is experienced to deal with emergency medical situations. We provide on-site Xray facility and onsite blood drawing for lab work.

Tampa Bay Occupational Medicine

Express Care of Tampa Bay focuses on minimizing employees’ productivity. Our value-driven urgent care occupational medicine services help individuals return to work without wasting their time in an ER for non-emergency situations. We offer everything from DOT physicals and drug testing to pre-employment medical tests.

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Tampa Bay Injury

Injuries and wounds don’t come at a time that’s convenient to you. But who says you have to wait for hours before getting an injury treatment? At Express Care of Tampa Bay, we work to ease all your troubles. Instead of binding you to appointments, our urgent care facility serves on a first-come-first-serve basis. We operate seven days a week between 9 am to 9 pm. We deal with injuries requiring non-emergency treatment, from sprains and strains to minor eye problems and fractures.

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Tampa Vaccinations

Vaccinations are a safe and efficient way to prevent a disease from occurring in the first place. A vaccine contains dead or weakened organisms that work by producing an immune system response. The United States recommends getting yourself vaccinated, especially if you’re traveling out of the country. Besides that, tetanus vaccine and flu shots are necessary for children.

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CDL FL Medical Information

As a commercial motor vehicle driver, your safety comes first. Each time you turn the key, you become responsible for your own safety along with all the other people who share the road with you. A CDL license test confirms that you’re fit and healthy to get behind the wheel while maintaining the road safety of yourself and others.

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COVID 19 Testing

Express care of Tampa Bay Urgent Care is proud to provide COVID-19 Diagnostic testing at both of our locations. Given the pandemic situation, more and more places require a confirmation for Covid-19 testing. That’s why people have started looking for a Covid-19 testing center that offers urgent care rapid covid test. Besides that, waiting for appointments can take a significant chunk out of your valuable time. In turn, it can prevent you from resuming your work or school life while waiting to take the test.

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Telehealth Online Visit

In recent years, online telehealth services have gained popularity. One of the most common reasons is that you can access the best telehealth solutions any time of the day or night. But not every urgent care facility has your specific needs in mind. They might have telehealth providers with not as much experience to deliver the best advice. Or, if they have the required knowledge, the cost of a single online telehealth appointment is too high for general patients.

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Tampa Bay Diagnostic

Express Care of Tampa Bay provides rapid diagnostic testing services 7 days a week. We cater to patients of all ages, keeping confidentiality in check. Whether you require EKG screening, urgent care HIV testing, or a complete STD test, our facility uses the latest equipment to ensure accurate lab results.

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Tampa Bay Illness

At Express Care of Tampa Bay, we take even the most non-life-threatening illnesses seriously. We believe that if not treated at the right time, such conditions can lead to drastic circumstances. For that, we have a qualified team of medical providers on board. As certified health professionals, we deal with patients of all ages, with your health as the top priority.

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Tampa Bay Physical Exam

Physicals, whether for work or school, are necessary to facilitate prevention. A physical exam determines and screens your body for illness or other health concerns that might go unnoticed otherwise. After you’ve had a physical exam, you can receive assurance that you’re healthy or become aware of a looming health problem. If it’s the latter, you get the time to reverse the issue before it’s too late.

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