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DOT CDL – Commercial Driving Licensing physical exam in Tampa Urgent Care

As a commercial motor vehicle driver, your safety comes first. Each time you turn the key, you become responsible for your own safety along with all the other people who share the road with you. A CDL license test confirms that you’re fit and healthy to get behind the wheel while maintaining the road safety of yourself and others.

If you’re looking for DOT physical exam in Tampa, Florida, you’re at the right place. At Express Care of Tampa Bay, we have your safety as a priority. That’s why we encourage walk-ins, minimizing your time to take the commercial driver license test.

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What Are the General CDL License Requirements?

Whether you’re a new hire or thinking about becoming a CMV driver, the government requires all individuals to pass the DOT physical exam.

The CDL license exam is conducted by a DOT-certified medical examiner. Since these exams follow a strict protocol, we encourage every driver coming for the DOT physical to bring their current medical records and medications. In turn, this helps evaluate your medical condition at the time of the test.

Once you’re through the formalities, you need to fulfill specific CDL license requirements to pass the test. These include:

  • A 20/40 vision in each eye, with both eyes combined, with or without correction.
  • Your ability to differentiate between the traffic light colors.
  • Your ability to hear a forced whisper within a distance of at least 5 feet.
  • Your blood pressure should not exceed 160/100.
  • Your blood sugar must not be higher than 200.
  • You must not be using drugs, such as amphetamines or narcotics.
  • You must pass a stress test with your physician’s note stating you have no driving restrictions in case of a cardiac issue.

DOT Physical Exam Apollo Beach Fl

If you’re looking to undertake a DOT physical exam in Apollo Beach, Fl, don’t look any further. At Express Care of Tampa Bay, we realize how time-consuming waiting hours can be. And given all the strict protocols to obtain a commercial driver license, our professional DOT-certified medical examiner ensures that the test is conducted in a comfortable environment.

Your DOT physical exam in Tampa, Florida, includes evaluating the following:

  • Vision exam
  • Hearing exam
  • Blood pressure test
  • Heart rate test
  • Urinalysis drug test
  • Ear/nose, throat exam
  • Reflex test

All these physical examinations help determine whether you’re eligible to drive a commercial vehicle.

Besides that, our Tampa urgent care clinic is conveniently located so that residents can approach us in a short time.

Unlike others, we don’t require you to wait for an appointment to avail of your desired service. Instead, you can access fast, efficient, and effective care by just walking into our urgent care clinic. There, our professional staff will welcome you before discussing the services you require.

DOT Physical Exam Seffner Fl

We know the significance of maintaining an ongoing CDL medical card. Combined with our knowledge of the CDL license requirements and our expert DOT-certified medical examiners, we ensure you pass the test while meeting every requirement. In addition, we have multiple locations where you can have your DOT physical in Tampa, Fl.

If you’re a resident of Seffner, our Seffner medical urgent care center awaits within a short drive away. We request all candidates to bring along the medical conditions and medication list. Since it helps evaluate your health problem, we can guide you better on how to pass the dot physical exam in Seffner, Fl.

At Express Care of Tampa Bay, we want to see you back behind the wheels in no time. And since the federal law requires taking the commercial driving license exam in Tampa every two years, we ensure removing any difficulty you might face.

The first hindrance to clearing the test is the long waiting hours and appointment schedules. But rest assured that we won’t be binding you to any appointments.

Simply walk into our urgent care center, whether in Apollo Beach or Seffner, and our courteous DOT certified medical examiner will conduct your test.

It’s best to take the CDL license test before your license expires. And if you’re a new hire, it’s significant to tell the authorities that you’re fit to drive a commercial motor vehicle. So, we suggest not wasting time anymore.

Call us today or walk-in for the DOT physical in Tampa, Fl.

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