Urgent Care Physical Exam

Why Go for Physicals?

Physicals, whether for work or school, are necessary to facilitate prevention. A physical exam determines and screens your body for illness or other health concerns that might go unnoticed otherwise. After you’ve had a physical exam, you can receive assurance that you’re healthy or become aware of a looming health problem. If it’s the latter, you get the time to reverse the issue before it’s too late.

School Physicals Tampa

Schools often require children and teens to be physically fit to participate in sports events. For that, a school physical becomes inevitable.

If you’re short on time, waiting for a doctor’s appointment is never an option, especially if your child has to attend a sports event the very next day. In such cases, you might wonder, ‘where can I get a physical exam?’ Well, Express Care of Tampa Bay can be your go-to urgent care physicals center. As a facility deeply concerned with your health and well-being, we take every step to make it easy for you.

This way, you and your child can walk into our center for school physicals – no need for a prior appointment. Instead, you can get the physicals and get on with your daily routine without delay.

Looking for Work Physical?

Usually, physicals are routine checkups for adults. But if you’ve applied for a job position, you must undergo a work physical to prove your fitness. Our facility offers pre-placement physicals for your peace of mind. We also offer DOT physicals to ensure safe operations on the highways and roads.

By having a physical for work, you can prove that you’re fit enough to perform the job you’ve applied for.

At Express Care of Tampa Bay, we believe it’s better to be safe than sorry. And by having urgent care physical exams, you don’t just prove your fitness, but also that you’re a credible source for a company to hire. Of course, you can go years without undergoing even a general physical exam, but why go through the uncertainty?

That’s why we recommend getting your DOT physical and work physical done today.

When you walk into our care center, you will meet a courteous and professional staff who can guide you what’s the right physical exam for you.

Our physical exam includes a thorough examination of the heart, lung, head & neck, abdomen, nails, skin, reflexes, muscle strength, and balance.

If required, we also undergo specific lab tests that include complete blood count, urinalysis, and chemical testing. In case of a potential health problem, we take the essential steps to detect the medical issues.

The peace that comes with knowing you’re in excellent health is undeniable. We work to deliver that peace of mind to you. By opening our facility for urgent care physical exam in Tampa, we ensure you can access a work physical or a school physical in your neighborhood.

All in all, we want you to have perfect health without facing any inconvenience, long waiting hours, or unprofessionalism.

For more information about physicals, call us today, or walk into our urgent care center.

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