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Express Care of Tampa Bay provides rapid diagnostic testing services 7 days a week. We cater to patients of all ages, keeping confidentiality in check. Whether you require EKG screening, urgent care HIV testing, or a complete STD test, our facility uses the latest equipment to ensure accurate lab results.

As one of the most reliable and accurate diagnostic labs in Tampa Bay, we offer quick results to speed up the diagnosis.

If necessary, we can forward the results to your doctor, given permission to do so by you.

STD Testing in Tampa

STD or sexually transmitted diseases spread through intimate contact, most commonly through sexual intercourse. But that doesn’t mean you should wait to catch the disease before getting yourself tested. Instead, having a complete STD test is advisable if you’ve had sex (especially unprotected) to be on the safe side.

Usually, you have to wait for an appointment before getting an HIV and STD test. But that can be cumbersome to handle if you require quick results. For that, we recommend walking into our facility and have yourself tested.

We deal with single STD testing as well as complete STD tests as required. As one of the most confidential STD testing centers in Tampa Bay, we guarantee 100% confidential results – no privacy breaches.

Looking for a Quick Walk-in HIV Testing?

Express Care of Tampa Bay offers walk-in HIV testing services for maximum business hours. Our urgent care centers are open between 9 am to 9 pm with professional lab technicians and healthcare providers who offer support and assistance to every individual.

We offer all major insurances, from Medicaid to private insurances for urgent care HIV tests. Furthermore, we encourage walk-ins where you don’t have to wait in line to get yourself tested.

If you’re unsure about the test, our staff is always available to assist and guide you. We also offer to counsel for HIV results, keeping the highest level of professionalism intact.

If you’re looking for comprehensive HIV & STD testing, contact us to find out more.

Drug Testing Services in Tampa Bay

Drug screening and testing is often a prerequisite for hiring employees. And since companies follow a no-drug policy, the employees have to undergo drug testing. We make it easier for individuals and companies to avail of drug testing services under one roof.

Our urgent care center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff who know how to deal with several individuals at once.

Our drug testing in Tampa involves taking urine and hair samples as needed and then sending those samples to our lab.

Once we’ve evaluated the results, we inform the company to collect results. The entire process does not require any prior appointment. Instead, you can walk in for drug screening at a time that suits you.

Besides drug screening and STD testing, we also have EKG specialists who perform EKG screening for patients undergoing heart problems. For that, we keep the latest EKG machinery, ensuring accurate and timely results to speed up recovery.

Our urgent care facility is not only situated in Tampa. Instead, Express Care of Tampa Bay operates in Apollo Beach, Fl, and Seffner. Both facilities operate 7 days a week – except for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

We’re all about facilitating your experience to getting the treatment you deserve. For that, we leave no stone unturned to make accurate, rapid diagnostic tests available for you. Apart from offering services for minor to major non-life-threatening illnesses, we provide diagnostic testing, too. This way, you won’t have to approach an outside diagnostic testing facility.

To know more about the diagnostic testing services we provide, call us or walk into our facility.

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